About the United Way

The United Way of Graham & Greenlee Counties is a volunteer-driven organization that provides grant support to nonprofit organizations in Southeastern Arizona.  We serve Graham and Greenlee counties, providing funding support for causes in Education, Income and Health. Our mission: to advance the common good by focusing on quality of life, health and education – the building blocks of a good life.

Education is the cornerstone of individual and community success. But with more than 1.2 million children dropping out each year, America faces an education crisis. Focus Areas (Enter school ready to succeed, Read proficiently by 4th grade, Make a successful transition to middle school, Graduate from high school on time, Be ready for success in college, work, and life)

As many as one-third of working Americans do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs. Wages have not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, healthcare, and education and currently, 40 million Americans are working in low-paying jobs without basic health and retirement benefits. Focus Areas (Family-Sustaining Employment, Affordable Housing, Savings and Assets, Manageable Expenses, Income Supports)

Whether it is a neighbor without health insurance, a victim of abuse, or someone struggling with mental illness or an addiction, United Ways are working to ensure everyone has access to affordable and quality care.

In 2015, the United Way of Graham & Greenlee Counties engaged education officials, teachers, parents, civic organizations, and community leaders in order to learn about the education priorities across its two county region. The process included focus groups, panel discussions, and individual interviews, along with a review of the counties’ overall educational performance and state-wide “best practices” for grant-making organizations in education.  As a result, United Way adopted five regional education objectives:

  • Improving school readiness for every child
  • Supporting efforts to ensure every student reads at grade level – especially by third grade
  • Increasing student access to quality transitional programs
  • Supporting community and school district efforts with teacher retention and recruitment
  • Providing direct support to teachers in the classroom by helping to cultivate innovative learning environments and approaches

These objectives will guide UW funding in education (funding for health and income priorities remain unchanged). Those seeking grants from UW to address educational challenges in our communities should ensure that proposed activities support one or more of the five objectives.

The UW believes it will be an even better steward of the generous contributions received from the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation, FMI employees and other donors by targeting education resources toward specific community objectives. These objectives will help UW focus on results, build strong partnerships that enhance outreach and leverage resources, and better serve the communities of Graham and Greenlee Counties.